What is a Vertical Blind?

Straight-up, vertical window shades are the gold standard when it comes to covering sliding glass and patio doors. If you are not traded in the plan of setting up vertical blinds, consider using the budget blinds vertical blind alternative, which is also ideal for covering sliding glass doors and larger windows. Just like vertical blinds are ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors, horizontal blinds are more practical for taller, narrower windows because of horizontal blinds’ design and construction.

Vertical blinds are perfect for wide windows and sliding doors, you will not see them installed on small or tall windows very often. Vertical blinds are best for sliding doors and for larger bay windows, which are hard to cover with other window treatments. Vertical blinds are far better suited because they are easy to open and close, and they cover wider windows and doors, too.

Vertical blinds are window shades that have their slats pointing up and down, rather than down, and floor-length styles provide full coverage of a two-door opening. If you are fitting a blind on a patio window, for instance, or on a long office window, vertical blinds provide a degree of flexibility for lighting that other styles just cannot compete with. In fact, vertical and horizontal blinds both offer nearly blackout levels of light blocking, making them perfect for rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, nurseries, home theatres, and more.

While horizontal blinds may struggle to fit across an arched space, vertical individual louvres can fit into the space, meaning that you can utilise varying blind lengths, and your windows can be completely covered. Even if you only have larger windows in those spaces, verticals can be a stylish and practical way of controlling the amount of light coming into one of the more used areas of the house. With their ability to resist heat, direct sunlight, and high humidity, Budget Blind’s verticals are an ideal replacement for windows and doors in any space, including your living room, kitchen, sunroom, patio, or even laundry room.

Whether made of cloth, fake wood, or slick or textured PVC, vertical window blinds by Select Blinds are an affordable way to cover oversized windows and sliding glass doors in a style that is just right for you. Since each sliding glass door is different, we offer verticals from standard sizes up to extra wide widths of up to 191. Verticals move from side to side in a robust railing system, providing great control over the lighting; making them the perfect choice for wider windows or sliding glass doors.